Wednesday, August 2, 2017


The heat wave may be contributing to the slow down to all things quick. In addition to the heat, all outer planets will be retrograde (appearing to be going backward putting on the BRAKES to the collective activity overall).

Forests are burning in Canada and Darrington, WA. too. In more ways than one, the heat is on.

The Po 'Ole the 'Ole Phases of the Hawaiian Moon Calendar have been helpful though intense reality checks. We are IN PROCESS. We are 'processing good-byes' left and right; and to be honest we aren't particularly good at it. Practice, practice, practice. One of the ways that does help me is to shift creative gears, and let art slip in. The best ways for me to cool down is to drink lots of fluids, Pete handed me ice packs for my head and feet; and write medicine. Medicine stories.

This drawing will be part of the comic book I'm writing and illustrating to document our journey.
The comic book will be a reward for donors. Stay tuned for details.

I am spending lots of time researching and editing our story for our Crowdfunding Page. That story is one of the MOST IMPORTANT parts to the process. We are pretty sure we will go with YouCaring as the platform, but are still getting all the details together, to make our campaign successful.
What do we know?

We know that Pete and I process differently. The drawing above depicts our differences.

We do know the process of clearing and packing ourselves up after almost eight years, is so much about processing good-byes. People get attached to each other as much as people get attached to place. Combined, the emotional hinges and the process that keeps hinges (relationships) flexible rather than brittle requires cool heads and loving hearts.

  • We commit to those cool heads, and loving hearts and remember: this is NOT about exerting power, and our goal is comfort not control.
  • To help me maintain that commitment, as I also manage the addition stress of forest smoke, I write myth. The medicine story Slipp'n In is here to follow. (This story will become a comic book and one of the Rewards for donors to our YouCaring Crowdfunding campaign.)

  • The Nene, the rare Hawaiian goose is a major character in the new myth. There she is in her non-mythic form.

We do know we need to sell both our truck (Bernadette) and car (Scout). This won't be easy good-bye, but then it doesn't seem to matter that a thing isn't easy when it just needs to be done.

We do know before we sell Bernadette and Scout, we have to have a new-to-us truck that is:

1. fragrance free inside
2. not freshly painted nor detailed using scented product and cleaning solutions
3.  mechanically sound, with a good A.C. system
4.  hefty enough to tow 3,500 + pounds of trailer, vardo and our belongs in the bed of the truck
5. Pete's working on a fair price range to aim at that would be covered (at least mostly) by the sale of our present vehicles

We do know we will need to drive from Whidbey Island to Oakland, CA in our new to us truck with Vardo for Two trailing behind.

  • That is approximately 1,200 miles since we will drive the coast highways (101, and 1) most of the way south.
  • Becoming road ma'a, road savvy, will take some time and patience. Getting safely from here to there isn't a quick thing, it's a mindful one:) Traveling with Environmental Illness is always about 'befriending' time, being a kilo (keen observer) and making informed choices.
  • Remember the Underground Railroad? In many ways our journey calls on the spirit and resiliency of a network such as that one. Not so much secret, but truly safe from pesticide and herbicide use; and hosted by open-minded folks who understand about EI. 

We know our eventual goal is to get from Whidbey Island to the Hawaiian Islands, but first we do the things above.

Mahalo nui, thanks so much for following us in the process.

Do you know of a hefty 3/4 top pickup truck that might suit us; need more info about the truck?
Do you know people, friends, family who live along the route we'll be driving who could keep a light on for us; a safe haven overnight or longer?

Let us know if you know ... in the comments or e-mail us.

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E Awaiaulu a pa Ľa. Bound together we are formidable.
Mokihana and Pete

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  1. I'm awake and finding wonderful e-mail from friends responding to this SLOW post. I am thrilled and so grateful to read how this communique is ringing your YAMA BELLS!! Thank you all, so much. Earlier, we heard from our friend Elaine from Alameda, CA. She's our Oakland area 'Aha ... and the reason we thought OAKLAND OR BUST would be a good possibility. Thanks Elaine!! We're working on the plan. Slow or no.

    Mahalo nui kakou all of you `Aha!! Moki and Pete