Sunday, July 23, 2017

`Aha Update #3: In the flow at The Muliwai

 I baked up a pan of Blueberry Oatmeal Bars, Pete steeped up quarts of Nettle and Oatstraw infusions and on the morning of the New Moon in Leo we headed to The Muliwai.

 Our friends Angie Hart and Maria
 Many feathered ancestors
 The flowing outgo of the tide

 Hopi Fay and JC May sipped infusions in jars, and ate the yummy blueberry bars.

 We played in the tide, and released ... the fears, the no-longer neededs
Got into the flow
 And as the tide began her return, I took my stick and drew our wish and intention:
Safe Passage Vardo for Two and Pete and Moki

 and then, the old woman with the stick fell asleep for a little snooze.

 Mahalo nui loa. Thank you so much. We had so much fun, too! Amama ua noa. The prayer is released.


  1. well, the flock we saw, the ones in the picture i think is the flock of pelicans from deer lagoon...

  2. love the pics, loved the connection with my sister and brother and the mother ocean

  3. We loved being with you, and yes, the flock was probably those pelicans. Angie spotted them later in the morning and named them because of the way the flew ... such a treat, such fun, too!!

  4. You look so sweet and peaceful in repose.