Friday, August 4, 2017

`Aha Update #10 Letting go, loosening up

"... This is a path correction. Joseph Campbell talked of finding your own path, blazing your own trail. He said if the path was clear, you were probably on someone else’s path. We have times like these to tear the blinders off and see where we’re getting off path..." - a snip from Satori's Weekend Love Forecast, Heading into the Eclipse(August 7, 2017)

When we lived in Hilo, we bought the Subaru. She was brand new. Around that same time our 'ohana, Kaliko and her friend were in Hilo for a workshop. They stayed over night with us, and brought us two brand new, bright yellow t-shirts. Those t-shirts are the same ones Pete used to clean Scout, our Subaru. Getting ready to let our first 'road home' go. It seems fitting to include both ends of that t-shirt's history here as the latest '``Aha Update. Kuleana in Hawaiian means your responsibility, your destiny.

If this weekend's astrology IS a path correction, that might allow for ambling back to Hilo. Pela, paha, perhaps.
Remember this Kaliko??

More very short videos. This time "Pete cleans Scout"

A lot of scrubbing (using baking soda diluted in water and a spray bottle of white vinegar diluted) and equal parts humor. We're having fun with these very short video. Are you?

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