Tuesday, July 25, 2017

`Aha Update #5: Clouds and Wash feet

"...Late Tuesday and early Wednesday, the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. It goes on to square Saturn then Venus and oppose Chiron, a loose grand square. Remember what you’re up to! It’s easy to lose sight of your emotional grounding when things grind to a halt or directions become fuzzy. If you feel discombobulated, slow down. Breathe. Wait for inspiration and the voice of wisdom..." - Weekly Forecast from Satori

This is a very dry and dusty summer on Whidbey. It's our first summer living at the edge of the gravel driveway; that might add to the reality of dust every where. So last night as I pulled myself onto the futon with a major case of sinus congestion, my Aunty Lily showed up. Aunty Lily was my next door neighbor in Kuliou'ou Valley. She taught me all about clouds as a girl. She taught me through showing me to look up and notice the way the sky changed. I have continued that practice.

Aunty Lily, and another girl time Aunty, Mrs. Pung, taught me other things. Last night both those kupuna showed up to remind me about keeping the dust and dirt out of the house. Our small bedroom and wheeled nest gets dusty. As if to prepare us for the protocol -- practical stuff, of Hawaiian Island style living to come, I talked with Pete about the visitation, and making some changes to our in-and- out of the vardo habits.

 We always take off our shoes before coming inside.
 the change is taking them off at the bottom of the stairs.
Pete swabbed the wooden steps down with a rag and a bucket of water, and set up a clean rug at the top of the lanai (porch).

We cleared the lanai preparing the vardo to trundle off to The Tilth and have kept it that way since. There is room for a chair on either side of the front door. Small kine change, but oh, such nice feng shui; flow and freedom.
 A purple cotton bandana (in honor of my Aunty Lily who always wore bandana during the day) is kept wet in an old pie pan. Sit. Wash feet.
Sit, wash feet. Homemade ceremony. Simple kine.

 Inside, the yoga mat and a long wearing favorite rug passed to us from Aunty Lily's daughter, Nola, welcomes clean(er) feet:)
A second Mullein flower yellow folding chair is parked inside.

Homemade ceremony

Washed Feet
Things that
Us going.


  1. What an inspired practice. So practical too.

    1. Yes, those two Aunties were just that. I'm happy they showed up:) Thanks, Prescott welcome back!