Tuesday, August 8, 2017

`Aha Update #11 "Ke ala a ke Ku'uku'u" The way of the spider

This title and post was an article originally published on my old blog, Makua o'o, on September 24, 2012. That blog was my first, written to complement Vardo for Two (the original). Vardo for Two chronicled the building of the physical new definition of "a home"; writing Makua o'o reminded me that the spiritual journey as elder in training--for that is what makua o'o means in Hawaiian, is a constant practice. The practice is ongoing.

What prompted me to revisit Ke ala a ke Ku'uku'u? The events of the past few days, and in particular the experience of living with the effects of wild fire smoke sent me searching for kupuna wisdom, elder wisdom. In some traditions across the Earth, 70 is the age of elder infancy, you know some things but there is still much more to life yet to understand. I went searching for an elder further on the path for something good to chew on. I found The Path of the Spider, and Aunty Betty, the kumu and elder who first introduced me and mentored me.

At almost 70 I am barely an infant elder. I look to the source to find my balance as the sand shifts beneath our feet. We scramble to make adjustments, some illusions have been blown up with the Lunar Eclipse yesterday; no clear alternatives yet. " Illusions destroyed. We think we want something, but we’re totally missing out. Why? Because we have it defined all wrong. We’re shooting at the wrong target. In order to get what will truly satisfy, we’re going to have to blow shit up and go on faith." - Satori

Read the original article "Ke ala a ke Ku'uku'u", and learn a little about kumu and elder my teacher Aunty Betty Kawohiokalani Jenkins. Grandmother Spider is an ancient teacher, I look to her for some clues.

What was the Lunar Eclipse like for you?


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    1. Wow! Hmm. You certainly have my curiosity aroused. Can't find the article but where ever you are on your journey, my you find what you seek. For whatever its worth. My strategy has always been just say Yes! Yes! Yes! If it will grow corn for you. Love and Blessings forever.

    2. Ha, ha, ha. Glad your curiosity is still facile:) Yes, we're still in the process. and here is the link to The Way of the Spider http://makuaoo.blogspot.com/2012/09/ke-ala-ke-kuukuu-path-of-spider.html
      xo Moki