Tuesday, August 8, 2017

`Aha Update #11.5: "Mask in place before helping others"

"There is no cure for this, there are things that will help. You'll have to avoid everything that makes you sick. It will change your life. This is called MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, or Environmental Illness." - The medical diagnosis I was given ten years ago 
Pete and I both felt the 'course correction' as surely as an earthquake. The funny thing about course corrections is a step to one side or the other is a correction, as much as an about face. What is happening for me is living through the real-time experience of putting on my oxygen mask to keep on. Period.

Yesterday we tried to outrun the wild fire smoke by taking a drive in Scout, the Subaru. The A.C. helps filter the air, and I was also using oxygen. This tactic helped just enough for us to realize the further north we drove the thicker the smoke. (The forests of British Columbia are burning. The wind was blowing from the north.)

"There's no outrunning this one, honey." This was Pete talking. Roger that! We made a course correction and headed home. On the way home we drove along the water on the western side of Whidbey.

"Isn't that where our friend lives?" I'm never real sure where I am on the back roads.

"Yeh, just up the road."

"Can we stop there, I'd like to leave her a check for the cards I bought." Our friend is in the process of raising funds for her safe nest. She also lives with severe chemical sensitivities plus.


Pete found the house and pulled a U at the end of the road and parked. With my face mask on I walked across the street and up to the door, and knocked. Our friend's mom answered. I asked if this is where our friend lived.

"Yes, she is my daughter."

I explained that I had a check for cards I had bought.

"Oh, yes. Thank you." The woman pulled her glasses from her face and looked at my check. "Yvonne."

I answered with a smile under my mask, "She knows me as Mokihana."

"Oh," that seemed to ring a bell for her. "Mokihana and Pete. I know Pete. My daughter's got her mask on today, too."

I left without seeing our friend, and left knowing something. The 'diagnosis' I received 10 years ago did change my life in the countless minute and about face course corrections in a given day, let alone 365 days x 10. What happened yesterday when Pete and I realized we could not outrun this wild fire smoke? It shifted me into L. Low Gear. The slow down Gear.

The slow down and be grateful gear. We couldn't and didn't outrun the environment, and haven't outrun Environmental Illness in these 10 years. But. What we did yesterday was stop along the way to help, with my mask in place.

That's something.

We can slowly keep on that way. The destination is still not clear, course corrections abound, and our mileage varies as my favorite astrologer Satori loves to say.

It's far less lonely this way and THAT is what Pete and I are aiming for.

xo J.
xo Elaine, you are the wind beneath our wings, mahalo nui!

Hang in there with us.
Moki and Pete


  1. I've been thinking about you and all this smoke.

    1. Thank you dear Prescott. Caring wishes always make a difference ... that help along the way thing that YOU HAVE ALWAYS been to us.

  2. As befits the time and conditions we live in, I am only just now catching up on your updates. Perhaps true to the story, on that day I heard moments too late that you had knocked at the door. If you or Pete had looked in the rear view mirror, you would have seen me jumping up and down in the middle of the road, waving my arms, shouting out "Moki" through the muffling shield of my mask. Once again, here I am, waving a heartfelt greeting, from a distance, sending blessings.

    1. Oh Jessie! I replied to your message in gmail, maybe you got it there? But here you wrote and here we are on the post together. Sometimes looking back has been a painful task but if we had seen you in our rear view mirror how well pleased we would have been. A Jessie-in-her-mask Street Dance!! Moments too late, but never mind here we are together. Thank you, thank you. We both, we all three, know how much it means to have something good to jump up and down about. xoxo Moki and Pete