Sunday, July 30, 2017

`Aha Update #7: Asking for clarification

Pete and I have been growing our kilo practice, observation skills with a Hawaiian edge to it, since we lived from 'Scout' our Subaru. Our son gave us our first Hawaiian Moon Calendar and said one thing, "Do no new projects on the 'Ole Moons." Ha? I knew 'ole in Hawaiian means zero or not/nothing. At that time we were untethered in all ways but one; we often parked at Sand Beach beach park and watch Mahina rise from the dark horizon. We had the Moon as an anchor and she began her slow and steady teaching with us.

This link will get you to the online version of the Hawaiian Moon Calendar we began living with in
2007. If you click on that link you'll see today and tonight is one of those 'Ole Moons. These times are best used for weeding, mending and tending (nets, gardens, lo'i, fish ponds and relationships) all manner of activity; and it's a time to rest/wait/consider; as well as a good time to ask clarification about things started during the past lunar cycle. But it is not best to begin new projects at these times.

The new Full Moon comes up soon. In terms of our intention to ensure safe passage for our wheeled golden wagon and these two kupuna, these Po 'Ole the 'Ole Moons are being all of the above:

  • Pete has spent the day cleaning and tossing more
  • I have received several important messages of clarification from home
  • We're editing waiting for more feedback on the story for the Crowdfunding project 
  • We took a Sunday drive to The Tilth to catch up, and relax with friends and bought collards for dinner (yum)
  • I've had at least three naps
The 'Ole Moons last for four days/nights prior to the Full Moon, and there are three 'Ole Moons after the Full Moon. We have two more weed, reflect, tend, and ask phases . We will use them and notice the clues that show themselves in the form of Elemental signatures, and recognize the unexpected communique as answers as well. 

Over the years of kilo practice, Christopher's suggestion: "Do no new projects" has become an anchor and reminder to move with mindfulness. Our Ancestors were wise about timing, and we have found that one anchoring action so helpful.

Pete started talking with people who are interested in buying Bernadette (our truck) and Scout (our car) earlier in the month. These vehicles are valuable 'beings' who have been modes of transportation, and more, in these transformative years. We will approach their sale with great respect, appreciation and attention. Don't rush outcomes.

Mahalo nui for your continuing aloha, support, comments and e-mail,

xoxo Moki and Pete

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