Wednesday, July 19, 2017

`Aha Update #2: New Moon Beach Walk, Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday's tide is drawing out all morning long (until 11 am) Walk the long beach until then, playing with releasing the old and setting new intentions. Let the incoming tide bring in the new as the tide comes in, in, in until 10ish Sunday night.
"The new moon in Leo takes place early in the morning on July 23rd. The sun and moon are tightly conjunct Mars. This should fuel creativity.... Expect a push for innovation. This can take many forms. A person can push themselves but they can also push their children, their students or their employees.Leo is concerned with “play”. ... Something begun now could really take off like a rocket (Mars Uranus).This new moon looks like good clean fun to me but with natal Venus in Leo, I may have a bias. If you want to consider the potential negative manifestations, think in terms of an ego (Leo) fueled rage (Mars Uranus). Whatever happens; it’s likely to be dramatic, fresh and surprising.
We set intentions under the new moon.  I’d not skip this exercise this month. It’s like having a match, struck, lit and burning brightly.  What will you do with the fire?" Elsa (Click on the link to ElsaElsa for ideas about setting your intentions, if you know which House the Leo new moon will park in your astro chart. Need a little help with that? Leave a comment with your birth info/email me and I'll try to find that for you.)
The dream of building a safe and sturdy wagon, started when we drew a picture in the sand near Mendicino, CA in the fall of 2007. We were on our way to one of the first 'Tiny House Building Workshops' led by "Mr. Tiny House Jay Shafer" in Sebastapol. I had a diagnosis, "This illness will change your life. There's no 'cure' you'll have to avoid everything that makes you sick." What a game changer like they say.

Ten years later, 2017, we have been living in our beautiful golden rose of a wagon for 8 years. Our belief that it is now possible to return home to Hawaii with that wagon Vardo for Two is a perfect Leo New Moon intention. 
  • New Moon in the 7th house (Moki's) – Get out and have fun with your partner. Hunt love!
  • New Moon in the 11th house (Pete's)– Get your friends together. Fun in the sun!

So here's our NEW MOON INVITATION AND INTENTION to hunt love and have fun in the sun with our 'Aha 'Ohana

  • Join us if you can on the beach for a barefoot walk as the tide goes out
  • We will bring some morning refreshments to share 
  • Set your intention for the new moon cycle beginning in fixed Fire Sign Leo
  • Draw your future dream in the sand, share it with us or just send it out to the Sun and Moon
  • Walk, talk, be silent, enjoy the conjunction of Sun and Moon
  • Come as fragrance free as you can be, please

Where: Sunlight Beach (we call it The Muliwai) Public Access Parking Lot (If you aren't familiar with the access lot it's about half way down Sunlight Beach Road. Look for a barn red cottage ... one of the few smaller homes on the beach side, with the owners' name on a white lettered sign 'STOVERS' or 'STOWERS'. The parking is right next to that house).

When: Sunday, July 23, 2017

Time: We'll be there around 9 AM

What: We'll bring a few breakfast snacks to share and bring open hearts and listening ears to hear about your New Moon Intentions, too

See you under the New Moon, at The Muliwai. 

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Aloha nui xoxoxo,
Moki and Pete

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