Wednesday, May 24, 2017

With the birds

We're under the cool, cool New Moon morning sky. New Moon is in Gemini. "Be creative (in the 5th house for me) at home as a philosophy (in the 9th house for Pete). and ask for help if needed." Ordered Violet leaf tincture and Linden flowers (for help) to be part of our Wise Woman Ways for including People's Medicine into our home over time. Instinctively I am drawn to violets because one of my earliest memories is that of hunting and finding the tiny purple flowers in the shady garden of my next door neighbor's. Aunty Lily taught me to notice and love clouds, and was my first herbalist teacher, mentor, all-around favorite Aunty of Aunties. I'm hoping to plant some violets somewhere this year, maybe in the orchard or in some partly shady spot at the Tilth.  Linden flowers are going to be the newest nourishing infusion. Here's Susun Weed and her grandmother Monica Jean making the infusion.

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