Monday, May 22, 2017

Good bye, Quonset

Life is a journey made by walking it, plans are nice, but timing? That doesn't always work as we plan. The Quonset Hut that has sheltered us and been our multi-purpose place had to be cleared out and soon Pete will disassemble it, reuse parts of it, and bit it a very grateful aloha. Mice had taken over the denim insulation and it was a gross and unhealthy reality.

We have relocated to mostly outdoors thanks to the unset of 70 degree daytime temperatures. Our kitchen and cooking is done under the eave of the Hale, and I'm seated under the big sun umbrella to work at the computer. While turkey and a root medley stew bubbles next to me, the birds are more so part of our moment to moment woods life, and soon I'll be enjoying that meal.

Grateful for our resourceful genes that have had lots of practice in nearly 70 years, I put this post here to document life, mice had a part in it. But there is so much more than mice in this fairy tale.
Hover over the photos for a little narrative and prose. "Good bye, Quonset. We will remember all the goodness you have given."

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