Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Committing to our greatest good

"The full moon in Sagittarius takes place in the morning on June 9th, 2017.  Deep down, you probably know what you want (and need) for your future in order to manifest your greatest good..." - Elsa P.

The winter just passed has been one of those harsh, and necessary, experiences for whittling down what is no longer working. Our chosen lifestyle that counts on the safety of a cozy and mobile nest of a bedroom has worked long enough to show us the benefits and limits of sharing space in an environment that includes (increasingly) cold and damp winters.  Vardo for Two is definitely built to accommodate us because she is made with materials that are non-toxic and tolerable; the windows and door are stout and seal out smoke and chemicals; our small Austin Air Filter cleans the air of pollen and pollutants; the electric heater we use is efficient and dependable; our ten year old organic cotton futon and bedding continues to serve us kindly with restorative sleep.

What we know we cannot manage over time is winter where we walk fifty feet to cook and eat and be in a space that expands our quality of life. We've done that and as Elsa P. puts it in her forecast for a Sagittarius Full Moon, "Deep down, we know what we want and need for our future in order to manifest our greatest good." We want and need to head for home -- Hawaii.

Like the kolea who fly back to Hawaii in November from the continental tundra of North America, we want and need to plan that journey ourselves. We have done this ocean crossing more than once in the twenty years Pete and I have been together. This time, we are older, our resources are different, and MCS/Environmental Illness creates limitations that require great agility and informed decision-making to address the blockages and challenges. It's a good sign, this full moon astrology. We know we have to keep doing what we are doing: consolidating what things we need, researching and budgeting getting Vardo for Two and us from Washington to Hawaii, and when we have done our homework we need to modernize our approach for securing funds and support.

FB and email communication with my family back home in Hawaii is one version of this modernizing to keep us flexible and resilient. The younger generation is keeping me updated, oh how I love that they do!! Between the traditional and the innovative we build our flight plans. Wish us good luck!! June is our month for keeping at what we have already begun: sort, separate and down-size (inside and out:) The June 9th Full Moon gives as a glowing target to count on. I'll keep track of our commitment and our progress here.

(from the Quonset Hut to a corner in the Hale next to the shower)

Consolidated stuff

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