Tuesday, May 16, 2017


The first (of three) po 'ole moon phases finds the Pacific Northwest doused with big rain. The 'ole phases of the Kaulana Mahina the Hawaiian Moon Calendar* are days for rest, reconsidering, weeding, and making adjustments to projects underway. The forecast says it's the rain's last hurray for a few days. We'll see. Wet and cold in the woods makes cooking a challenge, something we both seem to thrive on. Life is always filled with challenges, and I love to cook!

So between the squalls I made oatmeal pancakes for breakfast. For our mid-day meal while the rain held off I baked chicken sprinkled with sesame seeds, generous doses of dried Italian herbs and furikake baked in a shallow lake of rice vinegar and sliced garlic. A pot of brown basmati rice steamed (while the chicken baked) with grated daikon (Japanese radish) and sliced crimini mushrooms and beets.

Outside, our neighbors the Wild Huckleberries, Salal, Hemlock, Pine, Cedar, Fir and Brackens are looking amazing after the hours of heavy rain. The Salmon Berries are unseasonably late with just the start of hard green berries.

Hover on the photos for descriptions.

* Kaulana Mahina The Hawaiian Moon Calendar is a not a one-calendar-fits-all-places kind of time piece; it is specific to the place and the observers. There are many calendars available this link will take you to one online version of the calendar. 

Times of reflection, the 'ole phases. Not a good time to start anything new yet. We are well fed, and the rain has stopped. Maybe a nice walk now. 

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