Saturday, April 8, 2017

Happy Birthday, VARDO FOR TWO!

The Bracken are coming, the Bracken are coming! Like snaky green candles out of Papahonuamea's rich dark chocolate cake the resident ferns unfurl. This winter of harsh realities and common magic has tempered us with its messiness, and its gifts. We are alive and older with a new season. To weather the cold and make art from the dark and cold, making a new blog to celebrate Vardo For Two's eighth birthday was such a great way to transform, and be this spring.

So here is our birthday gift to our golden wagon of a home, and a gift for you too, readers. If you have ever considered life over time in a small space, or, if you are an old hand at this rough and roll kind of life ... this is a birthday gift for you.

The PAGES across the top of the page will take you to the story-and-picture boards of building her, searching for community, and setting roots/making adjustments from Vardo For Two. There's plenty of room for you to leave a comment or questions. We'd be happy to hear from you, and especially hope you get in touch with us about our upcoming FRONT PORCH 'AHA AHA(s) coming this summer and fall.

Life is truly a long and winding tale that is made by walking it. I am still here to write my way through, and for that I am truly amazed. Blogging, though I've said, 'never again' more than I'd like to admit, I love the expression and take to the venue like butter to hot toast. I do hope this blog gives you something to chew on and better yet nourishes your creativity for a version of common magic just your speed.

Thanks for coming to the party!

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